Will Chargers’ Justin Herbert Be Next QB To Land Megadeal?

Will Chargers’ Justin Herbert Be Next QB To Land Megadeal?
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Few young quarterbacks in the NFL have taken the league by storm quite like L.A. Chargers signal caller Justin Herbert. The now-fourth year QB out of Oregon has thrived under Chargers head coach Brandon Staley, going 26-24 and guiding the franchise to their first playoff berth since 2018 this past season.  

California sports betting is not yet legal, but if a betting market was available, we like Herbert's chances of joining Eagles QB Jalen Hurts, who recently signed a new deal, in the over $200 million contract club sooner rather than later.

Herbert has thrown for more than 4,000 yards in each of his first three seasons with the franchise, already eclipsing 14,000 passing yards and continuously helping the Chargers playoff chances.

BetCalifornia.com wanted to know whether Herbert could join Hurts as the next young starter to receive a mega-extension in the NFL offseason, after Hurts cashed in on a five year, $255 million deal ($51 per year) earlier this month.  

How Herbert Stacks Up With Other NFL QBs

Below we lay out how Herbert's stats to date compare not only to his fellow 2020 draftees (Joe Burrow and Hurts) but also other young QBs who have already landed a significant extension (Josh Allen, Kyler Murray) or are currently seeking their own (Lamar Jackson). 

Justin Herbert: 1,316/1,966 (66.9%), 14,089 pass yards, 94 pass TDs (35 INTs), 63.9 QBR average, 172 rushes, 683 rush yards, 8 rush TDs 

Average season: 4,696.33 pass yards, 31.33 pass TDs (11.67 INTs), 63.9 QBR, 57.33 rushes, 227.67 rush yards, 2.67 rush TDs  

Joe Burrow: 1,044/1,530 (68.2%), 11,774 pass yards, 82 pass TDS (31 INTs), 55.8 QBR average, 152 rushes for 517 yards, 10 rushing TDs

Average season: 3,924 pass yards, 27.33 pass TDs (10.33 INT), 55.8 QBR/40.67 rushes, 172.33 rush yards, 3.33 rush TDs 

Jalen Hurts: 648/1,040 (62.3%), 7,906 pass yards, 44 pass TDs (19 INTs), 51.6 QBR average, 367 rushes, 1,898 rush yards, 26 rush TDs

Average season: 2,635.33 pass yards, 14.67 pass TDs (6.33 INTs), 51.6 QBR average, 122.33 rushes, 632.67 rush yards, 8.67 rush TDs  

Josh Allen (Through 5 seasons): 1,604/2,566 (62.5%), 18,397 pass yards, 138 pass TDs (60 INTs), 62.7 QBR average, 546 attempts, 3,087 rush yards, 38 rush TDs

Average season: 3,579.4 pass yards, 27.6 pass TDs (12 INTs), 62.7 QBR average, 109.2 attempts, 617.4 rush yards, 7.6 rush TDs  

Kyler Murray (Through 4 seasons): 1,316/1,971 (66.8%), 13,848 pass yards, 84 pass TDs (41 INTs), 58.6 QBR average, 381 attempts, 2,204 rush yards, 23 rush TDs

Average season: 3,462 pass yards, 21 pass TDs (10.25 INTs), 58.6 QBR average, 95.25 attempts, 551 rush yards, 5.75 rush TDs 

Lamar Jackson (Through 5 seasons): 1,055/1,655 (63.7%), 12,209 pass yards, 101 pass TDs (38 INTs), 61.76 QBR, 727 rushes, 4,437 rush yards, 24 rush TDs

Average season: 2,441.8 pass yards, 20.2 pass TDs (7.6 INTs), 61.76 QBR average, 145.4 rushes, 887.4 rush yards, 4.8 rush TDs

Patrick Mahomes (Through 6 seasons): 1,985/2,993 (66.3%), 24,241 pass yards, 192 pass TDs (49 INTs), 74.7 QBR average, 299 attempts, 1,547 rush yards, 12 rush TDs

Average season: 4,040.17 pass yards, 32 pass TDs (8.2 INTs), 74.7 QBR average, 49.8 attempts, 257.8 rush yards, 2 rush TDs 

How Justin Herbert Stacks Up Against NFL QB Competitors

Herbert has averaged more passing yards than any of the NFL’s $200 million club, clocking in at 4,696.3 yards per season. Overall, the former Oregon Duck ranks ahead of Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs (4,040.2 yards per season), Joe Burrow (3,924 yards), Russell Wilson (3,689.4 yards), Josh Allen (3,579.4 yards) and Kyler Murray (3,462 yards) by that metric.  

The fourth year quarterback also has a higher passing touchdowns per season figure (31.3) for his career than all but Mahomes, whose career figure is 32 passing touchdowns per year.  

When it comes to ESPN’s QBR figure, Herbert’s career average of 63.9 ranks behind Mahomes (74.7) but ahead of the other five quarterbacks that BetCalifornia.com surveyed.  

One thing that seems certain is that Herbert is bound to join Hurts and other veteran NFL signal callers like Wilson, Murray, Mahomes and Allen as the league’s next $200 million man.  

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