Who Will Be Next QB To Beat All 32 NFL Teams?

Who Will Be Next QB To Beat All 32 NFL Teams?
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Matthew Stafford has put together a prolific career that includes 52,000 yards passing, 333 touchdowns and a Super Bowl title with the Rams after the 2021 season, his first in Los Angeles.

But he’s also one of the closest to joining an elite group of quarterbacks.

In the history of the NFL, only four quarterbacks have ever beaten all 32 of the teams in the NFL — Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. While most have never had a chance due to playing for one team during their career, it is becoming more likely with players moving frequently.

BetCalifornia.com took a break from covering California sports betting and utilized current and future schedules, as well as DraftKings game odds for this season to develop hypothetical odds of which active QB will be the fifth to beat all 32 teams in the NFL.

Next QB To Beat All 32 NFL Teams

Quarterback Current Number of Teams Beaten % Chance Odds
Aaron Rodgers, Jets 31 16.7% +500
Russell Wilson, Broncos 31 14.3% +600
Kirk Cousins, Vikings 30 11.1% +800
Derek Carr, Saints 26 9.1% +1000
Matthew Stafford, Rams 29 5.0% +1900
The Field - 44.4% +125
Odds are hypothetical and not available on betting apps.

Of the NFL teams in California, the 49ers Super Bowl odds are the best at +900. That’s third in the NFL behind Kansas City (+600) and Philadelphia (+750).

Stafford Seems Like a Stretch

Stafford has the fifth-best odds among players to be No. 5 at +1900, but he’ll have to play longer than seems possible to achieve it. The former Lions quarterback has beaten 29 teams, including Detroit in 2021. However, he would need to beat the Steelers this year, the Bills in 2024 and the Titans in 2025 if he remains with the Rams and is still playing football by then.

He missed eight games in 2022 with a variety of injuries, shutting down his season after Week 11 with a spinal contusion. He had a chance to beat the Bill in 2022, but a 31-10 loss in Week 1 included three interceptions and seven sacks.

Stafford has taken a beating in his career, getting sacked 444 times in 14 seasons, so expecting the 35-year-old to play until he’s 37 might be asking too much. Despite winning the Super Bowl two seasons ago, the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl odds are just +7000 this season — among the bottom 10 teams in the league.

Aaron Rodgers, in his first year with the New York Jets, has the best odds at +500, but doesn’t have a game set up against the Packers this year. The Jets will face a NFC North team in 2024, and you know the NFL would love to market that matchup.

Denver quarterback Russell Wilson has the second-best odds at +600 of being the fifth quarterback to beat all 32 teams. He missed a chance to be No. 5 in 2022 when the Broncos lost to the Seahawks 17-16 in Week 1 after a missed 64-yard field goal. The Broncos will draw another NFC West team for their 2024 schedule, so it would make sense for the NFL to give him another shot. 

Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is the one quarterback who has a chance to join the short list this year, so he has the third-best odds at +800. Minnesota faces the Chiefs in Week 5 at home and the Bengals in Week 15 in Cincinnati. 

“The Field” has the best overall odds at +125, but no one has a shot to do it this year in that group. The Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes has the Chiefs and Vikings left (won’t happen). The Titans’ Ryan Tannehill has beaten 29 teams but only faces the Panthers on his list this year. The Ravens’ Lamar Jackson is at 29, but the Ravens are on his list. Everyone else has four or more left to knock off.



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