Who Are the Hardest Working Reality Stars?

Who Are the Hardest Working Reality Stars?

Reality television is a staple of US media, having seen enormous growth in popularity in recent years. Just look at Keeping up with the Kardashians; it ran for 15 years from 2007 and is set to hit our screens again this year rebranded under a different name – The Kardashians.

But Kim Kardashian has been in the news for other reasons recently, after suggesting that women are lazy and need to work harder if they want to make it in business. Which got us thinking: who are the hardest working stars in reality TV?

Paris Hilton is America’s Hardest working Reality Icon

Comparing media appearance and social media activity, we’ve been able to determine the hardest working reality stars. We’ve picked out the top five, and some big names are missing…

  1. Paris Hilton Analyzing film, television, and social media activity since 2020, we can reveal that American socialite, businesswoman, and philanthropist Paris Hilton is America’s hardest working reality TV star, with an index score of 86.43 out of 100. The heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune; Paris first hit international fame 20 years ago after appearing on Fox’s ‘The Simple Life’. And she’s remained just as relevant, with 1,733 Instagram updates, 171 TikTok posts, and 147 YouTube videos since the start of 2020. Interestingly, she’s also made more tweets over the last two years than anyone else on our list (8,728).
  2. JoJo Siwa Next up, JoJo Siwa is ranked as the second-most prominent reality star, coming away with an index score of 84.59 thanks to her consistent TikTok and YouTube activity. In fact, the 18-year-old dancer-singer has uploaded 538 and 254 times across the two platforms, respectively, over the last couple of years.
  3. Ryan Seacrest Meanwhile, TV personality and host Ryan Seacrest ranks a close third, with 1,017 film and TV credits to his name since 2020, as well as 564 Instagram updates and 54 TikTok posts in the same period. Overall, this has helped him achieve a total index score of 84.49.
  4. Padma Lakshmi Placing fourth, television host, model, and philanthropist Padma Lakshmi has an impressive index score of 81.33. As well as posting on Instagram an incredible 799 times since 2020, she’s also tweeted 5,967 times – second only to Paris Hilton among the celebrities on our list – and created 54 TikTok videos (more than Kylie Jenner: 47).
  5. Kandi Burruss Rounding out the top five hardest working reality stars, we have singer-songwriter, businesswoman, and actress Kandi Burruss – perhaps more widely known simply as Kandi. The US TV personality comes away with an index score of 81.22, the final star to score 80+. This is largely thanks to her high volume of Instagram activity – an astonishing 1,198 updates since the start of 2020, second only to Paris Hilton – and impressive rate of YouTube uploads, posting on the platform 156 times in the last two years.

How about Kim Kardashian?

She hit the headlines recently for labelling women as lazy, but how hard working is Kim Kardashian in reality? We crunched the numbers, and Paris Hilton’s former stylist can only place seventh on our list, with an index score of 72.14.

However, while active on Twitter (4,074 posts since 2020) and Instagram (783 posts), Kim can’t quite crack the top ten for film and TV credits (76), TikTok posts (1), or YouTube uploads (3) since the start of 2020.

Now that we’ve revealed the definitive list of those celebrities who are the hardest working, it’s interesting to see which are storming ahead and which are lagging behind. For even more sports and lifestyle expertise, check out the latest news in our world.


To determine the hardest working reality stars, we first compiled a list of the 50 most popular TV celebrities in the US. We then recorded each’s IMDB film/TV credits since the start of 2020, as well as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube activity over the last two years.

For each factor, each reality star was ranked and assigned a relative index score. As film/TV and YouTube are considered the hardest working jobs, they have been weighted more highly than the remaining factors – with celebrities receiving an index score out of 30 and 25, respectively.

Celebrities also received a TikTok and Instagram index score out of 20, and a Twitter index score out of 5. Combined, this gave each reality star an overall score out of 100.

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