Which Active NFLers With California Ties are Future Hall of Famers?

Which Active NFLers With California Ties are Future Hall of Famers?
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With the NFL Hall of Fame Game about to kick off and the Pro Football HOF induction ceremony on Aug. 5, chatter around the league has turned to which players currently playing in the league are most likely to get the eventual call to the hall.

BetCalifornia.com, your home to California sports betting, was particularly intrigued to see where Rams superstar Aaron Donald would wind up on a list of players most likely to get into the Hall of Fame. 

To figure this out, we utilized Pro-Football-Reference.com's Hall of Fame monitor to see which active players are most likely to wind up in Canton.

Most Likely NFL Hall of Famers

PlayerHOF Monitor ScoreStatisticsAccolades
Aaron Rodgers 192.4365.3 Comp. %, 59,055 Yards, 475 TDs10X Pro Bowl, 4X All-Pro, 4X MVP, 1X SB Champion
Aaron Donald 146.25490 TKL, 160 TFL, 103 sacks, 24FF9X Pro Bowl, 7X All-Pro, 3X DPOY, 1X SB Champion
Travis Kelce 107.21814 Rec., 10,344 Yds., 69 TD8X Pro Bowl, 4X All-Pro, 2X SB Champion
Bobby Wagner 104.751,523 TKL, 78 TFL, 29.5 sacks, 13 INT8X Pro Bowl, 6X All-Pro, 1X SB Champion
Von Miller 98.55561 TKL, 164 TFL, 123.5 sacks, 27FF8X Pro Bowl, 3X All-Pro, 1X DPOY, 2X SB Champion
Khalil Mack 89.85517 TKL, 115 TFL, 84.5 sacks, 25 FF7X Pro Bowl, 3X All-Pro, 1X DPOY
Zack Martin 88.68 NA8X Pro Bowl, 6X All-Pro
Patrick Mahomes 86.2866.3 Comp.%, 24, 241 Yards, 192 TDs5X Pro Bowl, 2X All-Pro, 2X MVP, 2X SB Champion
Patrick Peterson 84.80111 PD, 34 INT, 15 TFL, 4 sacks, 2 Tds8X Pro Bowl, 3X All-Pro
Russell Wilson 83.1064.6 Comp. %, 40,583 Yards, 308 TDe9X Pro Bowl, 1X SB Champion

Donald Well On His Way

To no surprise, Donald ranks extremely high on the list, checking in at second behind quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The 32-year-old defensive tackle has put up extremely impressive numbers throughout his career and is considered among the best players in football, not just one of the best at his position. 

Donald has been selected to the Pro Bowl in each of his nine seasons, and has also won the defensive rookie of the year award and the defensive player of the year award (three times).

Aside from his rookie season, the only year he wasn’t top five in voting for defensive player of the year was this past season, where Donald only suited up for 11 games. Donald has also had team success, winning the Super Bowl with the Rams in 2021. Keep tabs on the Rams playoff chances and odds here.

All of these stats and accolades make Donald a sure-fire Hall of Famer when his career is over. His HOF monitor score being 146.25 makes his induction a virtual certainty, especially if he continues to play at his current level. 

Rodgers In His Own Class?

The only player higher on the list than Donald is Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has spent his entire career with the Packers up to this point, accumulating four MVP trophies, a Super Bowl and countless Pro Bowl invites. 

Rodgers' HOF monitor score of 192.43 dwarfs the rest of the league with only Donald, Travis Kelce and Bobby Wagner also above 100 at the moment. Surprisingly, there are no players from the San Francisco 49ers, despite the 49ers Super Bowl odds being Top 5 in the league, and the team making several deep postseason runs in recent years.

Kelce’s dominance at the tight end position has him in a great spot to get the call. Playing the position he does means that MVP awards aren’t in play for him, but his eight Pro Bowls and two Super Bowl rings likely will get him in.

While excited for Donald to get into the Hall of Fame, Rams fans certainly hope that he won’t be getting inducted anytime soon. They instead would prefer to see him continuing to add to his already impressive resume in the coming years, and most importantly getting another Super Bowl ring for L.A., maybe even in time for California sports betting apps.



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