Blake Snell Free Agent 2024; Odds for Upcoming Season

Blake Snell Free Agent 2024; Odds for Upcoming Season
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Editor's Note: This story updated March 18, 2024.

The reigning National League Cy Young Award winner is still without a contract for 2024. Veteran left-handed starter Blake Snell is still waiting for an MLB team to lock him up on the heels of a 14-9 campaign with San Diego in 2023, in which he had an ERA+ of 182 and 6.0 WAR in 32 starts with the club.

Snell, 31, has won Cy Youngs in both leagues, previously doing so in the AL with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2018. That year he was 21-5 with a 1.89 ERA, 217 ERA+ and a whopping 7.1 WAR in 31 starts.

Now, the ninth-year pro and Seattle native needs a general manager to agree with his longtime agent, Scott Boras, for a deal this season ahead (and a few years after). Snell looks to make a Spring Training splash some time March.

Snell is rumored to be in talks with multiple teams, but there has been no final commitment with preseason games underway., as part of its coverage for eventual California sports betting, researched and developed odds for where Snell will play this season.

Blake Snell Free Agent Odds

Team Odds Pct. Chance
Los Angeles Angels +300 24.9%
San Francisco Giants +350 22.2%
Houston Astros +400 19.9%
Seattle Mariners +1500 6.3%
The Field +275 26.7%

Where Will Blake Snell Sign?

With Spring Training coming toward a close and Opening Day a little more than a week away, now is the time for veterans like Snell to get into camp and start working on their arm strength. That’s why we’ll likely see movement on a contract soon.

As for teams that could land the two-time Cy Young winner, the Los Angeles Angels top our board at +300 odds, or a 24.9% implied probability. Reports have emerged indicating that Snell could stay in California with either the Angels or with San Diego's NL West rival in San Francisco. The Giants are second on our list at +350 odds (22.2%).

The Halos need to deliver a big-time free agent to placate superstar Mike Trout. The Giants have been on a free agent losing streak the past few years but Snell could slow that to a halt by inking his name on the dotted line in the Bay Area.

We have added the Houston Astros to our list of contenders at +400 and Snell's hometown team, the Seattle Mariners, appear at +1500. Time is running out before Opening Day on March 28.

The most likely outcome on our list (at +275 odds) is that he either stays with the Padres or signs with another team not listed among our contenders.

The defending NL Cy Young winner’s offseason of discontent should end sooner rather than later. As far as when the wait will end for California sportsbook apps, stay with for more coverage.



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