Jock MKT California Review

After conducting a thorough review, we cannot recommend the use of JockMT due to limited betting options. However, there are other DFS apps in the market that are better, such as FLIFF. FLIFF offers a robust DFS product and a generous welcome bonus. New users can avail of a 100% deposit match bonus of up to $100 by entering the promo code CALIFORNIA upon signing up. Click on the link below to claim the bonus.

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What is Jock MKT California?

JockMKT is a Daily Fantasy Sports site that is legitimate and operating in California. Sports betting remains illegal in the state of California, but Daily Fantasy Sports provides a fun way to bid on some of your favorite players and earn some money while you’re at it.  

How it works is simple. Every day, JockMKT users can bid on their favorite players from certain sports leagues. The idea is to create a fantasy team of players that the bidder believes will perform well. Real-life events determines the performance and value of a JockMKT fantasy team. While other fantasy sports tournaments run for an entire season, JockMKT contests are available just for the day. This increases the excitement and reduces the waiting time users have to wait to earn winnings.  

What is the Jock MKT California Promo Code?

If you have yet to set up a JockMKT account, make sure to use the JockMKT welcome promo code for new users when you do. This bonus offers new signups a 100% deposit match of up to $100. Keep an eye out for the promo code entry section on the account creation form. To activate the bonus, enter the code BETCALI. 

Once the promo code has been entered, the bonus will be auto actually activated. When making a first deposit, JockMKT California will add additional funds to your account equaling the amount that initial deposit. The maximum deposit match amount is $100. This means if a new user deposits $100, they will see $200 of useable funds appear in their account. This credit can be used toward entering a variety of tournaments and bidding on players.   

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Must be 18+ to participate. T&Cs Apply.

Game Types Available at Jock MKT California

One of the main unique features of JockMKT California is the fact that there are two different types of Daily Fantasy Sports contests that players can opt for. The two categories of tournaments are Market and Contest games.  

Contest games are the type of contest most people expect when playing fantasy sports. This type of tournament involves a set buy-in fee. Everyone pays the same amount to play. At the end of the tournament, the top ranking teams are paid out based on rank.  

The Maket tournament is a game that is unique to JockMKT California. In this case, not all users pay the same amount to play. Instead, players decide how much they want to invest in their team. The amount that is won in the end is determined by the value change of their chosen team based on performance in real-life. 

What’s Unique About Jock MKT California?

The approach JockMKT takes toward Daily Fantasy Sports is actually quite different than most other fantasy sports sites. JockMKT California functions a lot like the stock exchange. Instead of simply selecting players to add to a team, JockMKT users bid on players. The performance of a player will either increase or decrease their value, which in then will impact payout of the initial investment.  

This innovate approach to Daily Fantasy Sports provides a unique way to enjoy fantasy sports tournaments. Additionally, the fact that there are two different types of tournaments available on JockMKT California further adds to the fun of playing on this site.   

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What Are the Rewards at Jock MKT California?

Rewards from JockMKT tournaments are in the form of real money. The amount that is earned, however, will depend on the type of tournament that a user has entered into. Remember, there are two types of games available on JockMKT Cali: Market and Contest.  

For Contest games, the buy-in is set and payout is according to the final rank of a fantasy team. Market games, on the other hand, are more fluid. The amount that is earned depends on the amount that the user initially invests, and then the change in value of this initial investment.

Get Started With Jock MKT California

As we saw in this article, JockMKT California is changing the game when it comes to Daily Fantasy Sports. The site introduces an innovative approach to fantasy sports tournaments in two different games that users can participate in.  

Using the JockMKT California promo code is a great way to get your account started. Signing up for JockMKT is free and easy. While sports betting may not yet be legal in California, JockMKT is totally legal and provides a great way to enjoy sports with friends and maybe even earn some winnings at the same time.  

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Must be 18+ to participate. T&Cs Apply.
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