Where Does California Rank Among States Interested In Wine?

Fact Checked by Jim Tomlin

Few states in America have the shared fascination with wine that Californians have cultivated over the years. The state’s most famed winemaking region is Napa Valley and there are an assortment of other grape-growing hotspots like Lodi and the Simi Valley.

Given that longstanding connection between the Golden State and the beverage, there’s little surprise that California residents are reported to be among the most interested in wine nationally. So BetCalifornia.com took a break from California sports betting coverage to see how the state stacks up against the nation’s leaders in vine interest.

According to Statista.com, the U.S. consumes the largest volume of wine of any country, at 34 million hectoliters in 2022. To toast to National Drinking Wine Day on Feb. 18, 2024, Americans are searching for which wines to uncork in celebration.

We dug into Google Trends to discover the top 10 states most frequently searching “wine” between Jan. 31 and Feb. 6, 2024. Based on these results, we assembled this list of states most interested in “wine”, as a search, compared to other topics. If California sports betting apps become legal, BetCalifornia.com will certainly raise a toast.

Top 10 States Most Interested in Wine

RankStateSearch Interest
T4New Jersey75
7 California 74
T8South Carolina73

California National Ranking For Wine Searches

California’s score of 74 puts the state in seventh place nationally in terms of search interest compared to other topics. That’s just ahead of two states that are tied for eighth at 73.

Nationally, Pennsylvania (89 search interest score), Florida (81) and Connecticut (78) were the top three states in our research. Then came a three-way tie for fourth involving Maryland, Colorado and New Jersey (75 each) for interest in wine-related topics.

California beat out South Carolina and Massachusetts (73 apiece). Fellow winemaking hotspot Oregon rounded out the national top 10 at 72.

The Golden State makes some of the best wine in the country, but it seems like residents of the most populous state in the U.S. are not quite as interested in vines as other states that have a less obvious connection to the beverage that has become synonymous with California over the years. Follow BetCalifornia.com for more lifestyle stories plus coverage of efforts to bring California online casinos to fruition.


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