California Among America’s Most Unthankful States

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The state of California is known for an assortment of qualities, from the state’s pristine beaches and mountains to its wide-ranging selection of outdoor pastimes.

The one thing residents of the Golden State aren’t as good at, evidently, is showing thanks, as California ranks as one of the least thankful states in the country. took a break from coverage of California sports betting to look at which states are the most thankful.

While it is hard to objectively decipher thankfulness, we found two key statistics in order to help us with our research. utilized two combined data points to develop the ranking of the 50 United States from most to least thankful. We utilized Toast’s data showing the state ranking of highest average tip percentage to restaurants during 2022 and Google Trend’s search interest of “Thank You Notes” over past 12 months.

Here’s where California ranks nationally by both metrics, compared to others across the United States.

Least Thankful States

Overall Rank State Thank You Note Ranking Average 2022 Tip Ranking Average Ranking
49New Mexico464244

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California Among Least Thankful States In America

Whether it be the state’s lack of ‘thank you’ notes or low average tip sums, the Golden State certainly ranks low nationally when it comes to the Golden Rule.

Nationally, California ranked 47th out of 50 states when it came to the state’s average ranking between thank you notes search (32nd) and average tip ranking (50th), giving the country’s most populous state an average of 41.

The state finished behind Utah and Florida, who tied with a ranking of 39, and ahead of Washington (42), New Mexico (44) and Nevada (47).

California ranked just behind the state’s eastern neighbor, Arizona, which had an average ranking of 38 (placing 43rd nationally), showing how much room for growth there is on the kindness front going forward.

With seven calendar months to go, there’s still ample time for Californians to work on their manners to ensure the state climbs the national ladder for kindness in 2024.


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