Fliff California Social Sportsbook Review

Fliff sportsbook is a new social sportsbook coming to California, unlike anything already operating in the Golden State. Fliff brings with it all the fun of California sports betting without the financial risk. So get ready to enter the exciting and entertaining world of social sportsbooks.

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What is a California Social Sportsbook?

Real-money sports betting has not yet been legalized in California as it has in many other states across the US, so Californians must look for other options. Social sportsbooks provide users with a similar experience to sports betting but with a more casual and relaxed focus. The main difference between social sportsbooks and real sportsbooks in California is that users don’t play with real money.

Social sportsbooks replace real money with tokens which can then be wagered on sporting events. Another major aspect of social sportsbooks is being able to compete against your peers to find out whos better at predicting sporting events. Friends can go head-to-head on all kinds of exciting markets, like the 49ers playoff chances, and much more. 

What’s Unique About Fliff California?

Numerous social sportsbooks are entering the market as alternatives to conventional sportsbooks,s so what makes Fliff California unique? One of the best aspects of Fliff is its mobile app which can be downloaded from the app store. When using the Fliff mobile app, you may feel like you are using a regular sportsbook app with the way it's laid out. The Fliff mobile app has a sense of familiarity and usability that other social sportsbooks like WagerLab don't have. The WagerLab app feels cluttered and confusing, while the Fliff app is simple and attractive. 

A wide variety of sports can be found on Fliff, from the main markets like NBA and NFL to UFC and Premier League. Fliff understands that customers like it when operators offer plenty of sports to make picks on. Because you cannot wager real money at Fliff, they can offer odds on more niche markets like eSports as well.  

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Must be 18+ to participate. T&Cs Apply.

What Are the Rewards at Fliff California?

There are two major ways to play on Fliff, the first is with Fliff tokens, and the second is with Fliff cash. The important thing to note here is that Fliff is not played with real money, so you cannot make deposits on Fliff. Fliff tokens can be earned every day and are used to play for fun. Users can play with their Fliff Tokens to earn badges, shoot up leaderboards, and compete with their friends. 

Fliff users can also play with Fliff Cash which can be used to play and earn cash prizes. Fliff Cash is earned promotionally, with customers needing to take advantage of bonuses to earn some. On top of all this, customers can earn loyalty rewards in the form of gift cards to many big brands.

Payment Options

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Bank Transfer
  • Skrill

Get Started With Fliff California

Fliff Social Sportsbook California offers users looking to enjoy the entertaining parts of sports betting without risking real money a very solid product. One of the main positive aspects of Fliff is the ability to compete against friends. There is no better feeling than outsmarting your friends with your superior knowledge of sports. 

Fliff also has a very attractive mobile app that users will find very familiar and reliable. I found their reward system to be impressive, with the ability to win cash prizes as well as gift cards. Overall, Fliff sportsbook is sure to be an innovative entrant to the sports betting landscape. 

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Must be 18+ to participate. T&Cs Apply.

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